After Paris

Rich Music About The Story of Our Generation

Decades After Paris is a music project led by Danton Jay & Heather Lynn that explores the issues brought on by climate change. Their music is engaging and thought provoking; climate fiction at its funkiest - Beyond the music, their efforts involve educating and facilitating dialogue about the issues at schools and festivals.


Click the video above to watch our latest video on Youtube. Or click one of the icons below to view all our videos.


Catch our events as an acoustic duet, or with our full band (eight pieces w/ the brass and backup vocals). When performing we either do a straight concert, or a performance blended with facilitated learning (great for festivals & schools).


A comprehensive page with all our lyrics is coming soon. Stay tuned!


We are always keen to meet like minded creatives. Our efforts and music are a small piece of a large effort where it's improtant to work together. If you want to partner up, or use our content for one of your own projects send us an email

Contact & Booking

Contact us by email for booking and or partnerships; or whatever really. The email address is at the bottom of the website. Reach out on social media too - we play there as well.